By Dennis Perkins

This site is intended to publicise the novel ‘Shrouded Eagle’, written by Dennis Perkins, and published by New Generation Publishing. Visitors can read the opening chapters to form an impression of the book's contents.

It will also provide a chronology of the historical events that provide the background, together with brief particulars of those characters in the novel such as Napoleon, Marie Louise and Metternich, who really existed.

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The Author

The author was born in Darlington in 1943, and, after attending Darlington Grammar School, graduated with a law degree from Manchester University. After practising as a solicitor for 30 years he retired to pursue other interests.

Dennis has had a lifelong fascination with history, particularly in respect of the Napoleonic period, and some of his knowledge has been put to use in the novel. His taste in historical fiction extends to such authors as Pat Barker and Patrick O’Brian.

Dennis is married, with a wife and one son.

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Shrouded Eagle – Dennis Perkins  
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